HR Disruptor

Let's face it.  The world of work could use some disrupting.  And, quite frankly, so can most of HR.

As a long-time critic of status-quo HR, I consider myself an HR disrupter. Inspired by movements such as #metoo and Time’s Up, I co-founded HRuprise, a fast-growing social movement and global community aimed at inspiring meaningful change within HR.

HR has been complicit, covering up harassment and protecting the powerful for far too long, it is time for a new approach to HR. Last year, we sent out a test balloon in the form of an Instagram account. We began calling out our fellow HR professionals for being part of the problem and calling on them to figure out how to be the solution. What started as a simple Instagram account has very quickly become a global movement and thriving community of disruptors.

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HRuprise Instagram